St James Fete 2018

​This year our St James Day Fete will be held on Sunday, 29 July 2018.  The Fete will commence at 10.00am, following 9.00am Mass.​

All welcome.

Donations for the following stalls would be greatly appreciated:

Vintage Clothes

Pre-loved Toys



Bake-A-Licious Bake Stall

Sponsorship - We are asking for families and friends who would like to purchase a Sponsorship Package for this year’s Fete. Many families have already taken up this opportunity and we are opening these Packages to all families in our community.

As you would know these Sponsorships offer great exposure for the many businesses of our school community and the greater business community. Activities and events such as the St James Day Fete generate essential funds that are donated back to the school for projects, both great and small, which benefit the entire community.

Sponsorship can be undertaken in a variety of ways. A cash contribution through taking up one of the Sponsorship Packages or an in-kind offer of services (e.g. event infrastructure, supplies or printing) or a donation of prizes for use as incentives for attendance. 

Please see the current newsletter for further information on donating and sponsoring for this year's Fete.