Why Choose St James


Choosing the school in which to entrust your child’s education is one of the most important decisions that a parent and family ever make. As families are the first society that children become a part of, long before they integrate into any school, we endeavour to build a genuine partnership with a student’s family to enable our young people to grow and develop the character, integrity and the purpose to contribute positively to our society. We are privileged to share in this partnership with all our families. Our compassionate and skilled teachers strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our students. This environment is underpinned by the Good Samaritan and Augustinian values of DIGNITY and ACCEPTANCE and I am sure you will be impressed by the nurturing approach of the school staff and at the breadth of opportunity on offer to your child at St James Primary School.

Here at St James Primary School we recognise that literacy is a corner stone for students in becoming successful learners, confident and creative individuals, active and informed citizens and that literacy is a foundation for success in all learning areas. Therefore, through the support of parents and school staff, we have a major focus on literacy is the early years. This sets a groundwork for students to develop the knowledge, understandings, skills and dispositions to interpret and use language confidently for learning and communicating in and out of school. 

We look forward to having a long and happy association with you over the coming years on your child's wonderful educational journey!