An Action-Filled Year

On behalf of the staff of St James Primary School,​ I would like to wish all of our families a very Merry Christmas. While it has been an unusual action-filled year, it seems that it has been so very rewarding for all our hard work. And, when I say ‘our’ I mean the students, parents/caregivers, staff and parish community. The pandemic certainly showed that our small Good Sammy’s/Augustinian school has a huge heart by the way parents and staff banded together earlier in the year to assist our students through this time as well as those in our community who were affected in some way. Then, throughout the year, once again we have been blessed by our school community support, which in so many ways helps to make our school a great place to learn. Without this support, our children would never be able to do the remarkable things that they do at St James Primary school. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the dedicated and devoted professionals who make up the St James Primary School team. They are very committed to the progression of our students as learners and their whole wellbeing - educationally as well as spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. 

I wish all families finishing their time at St James Primary School all the best with their future endeavours, especially our Year 6 students. I hope that all families have an opportunity to celebrate the Holy season of Christmas together and may all families have a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

The simplest and most practical lesson I to resolve to be good today, but better tomorrow. Let us take one day only in hand, at a time, merely making a resolve for tomorrow, thus we may hope to get on taking short, careful steps, not great strides (Catherine McAuley).