Closing the Door on our School Year

Yet another great year has passed by so quickly at St James. We set out this year to
“Flourish in Community” and I believe we have done this. We have had unprecedented
numbers of volunteers throughout the year, high attendance at P & F Meetings and an
incredible spirit of generosity throughout the year.

Your children have flourished both in and out of the classroom and I thank you for
journeying in partnership with us to mould, guide and educate them.

Last night’s Graduation Liturgy and Arts Showcase was a fitting way to gather as a school community to celebrate in the beautiful St James Church.  Congratulations to our Year 6 Leaders on successfully completing their primary school education and for their outstanding servant leadership throughout 2019. The Liturgy itself was beautiful; one highlight being the liturgical dance movement which symbolised the handing over of leadership responsibilities to our Year 5 students. It was also a pleasure to be able to join with Mrs Walker and our Year 6 students at the Stamford Plaza on Tuesday for “High Tea”, a unique and very special opportunity for our boys and girls.

Thanks, and congratulations to Mr Gibson who collaboratively planned the liturgy with
Mrs Walker and the Year 6 students. Thanks also to Fr Francis for celebrating with us. The liturgy was a lovely gift to our students that will hopefully remain etched in their memories for many years to come. It was also fitting to have the whole school community present so that our combined prayers can provide strength for our students as they leave St James tomorrow and take on the next leg of life’s great journey. 

As we close the door on another great school year, I would like to thank every member of the school and parish community for contributing to the success of this year. Thanks for supporting the great work of our staff, because it is in partnership that we have the greatest success. It is in collaboration that each of our learners’ flourish. I hope you have all taken the time to acknowledge the work of our staff at St James. Their commitment, hard work and passion is second to none and I greatly appreciate what they bring to the school community on a daily basis. 

To the students and their families who leave us this year, thanks so much for your  contributions over the years.  Please come back and visit us to share your future success stories.

May I offer you all my very best wishes for a safe, holy and very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.  I look forward to seeing you all in 2020.

Kind regards,
John Bates - Principal