Fete News

​Our biggest fundraising event of the year is fast approaching and we have heaps to do!  The Fete along with other events including the Welcome Disco, Trivia Night, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Stalls have made significant contributions to our wonderful school. These activities have funded some major projects including the oval upgrade; 1:1 iPad program for Years 3 – 6; fixed sun-shade in the school; mobile sun-shade tents and of course the new air-conditioning units in all classrooms.

As Principal, John Bates recently announced, our big goal this year is funding the complete upgrade of the Adventure Playground, with an exciting design that maximises our children's gross motor development and make play time fun.

We've set the target for at least one major project in 2019 too.

So, all your fundraising efforts are highly valued and appreciated, and contribute to our children's enhanced educational experience and environment!

To continue this fundraising we need your help, please see the current newsletter for more details about Raffles, Donations, Stalls, Sponsors and much more.