It's Camp Time

​I returned from the Year 4/5 Camp experience at the Mapleton Centre yesterday afternoon. It was a pleasure to spend 3 days with our students and the staff team.  ​I am so appreciative of the fact that our staff are so willing to give up their own family time to provide camping experiences for our students. Camps provide a wide range of learning experiences that cannot be offered within a school-setting. In summary our students learnt to:-

  • Overcome their fears e.g. spending 2 nights away from home and for many, the fear of heights;
  • Collaborate as a team to solve problems;
  • Put the needs of others ahead of their own;
  • Appreciate the beauty of nature;
  • Use appropriate dining room etiquette;
  • ​Encourage their peers through positive words and actions.

We are proud of the way in which the Year 4/5 group conducted themselves during camp. We hope that they will have life-long memories of their wonderful experience together.

​Our Year 6 teachers have reported that our Year 6 students are having a blast in Canberra and have learnt so much over the last 3 days. Highlights of the week so far include the tour of the Australian War Memorial. One of our students had the honour of laying a wreath at the conclusion of the tour which was a special moment. Following a visit to the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme Centre our boys and girls spent some quality time in the snow yesterday, which is particularly exciting for those who have not seen snow before. Our travellers return tomorrow evening. ​I cannot wait to hear all of the Good News stories from Canberra!!