Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival - 15th-18th August

For us at St James the Ekka of course also coincides with the Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival. Over 4 days Villanova College and St James Primary hosts thousands of young musicians from all over Queensland, inter-state and in some cases overseas. The St James Hall and Church host magnificent choirs from both primary and secondary schools.

​Friday 16th August ​is a Pupil Free Day for us at St James as every classroom space is utilised for various vocal groups to warm-up in preparation for their performances. Our staff runs a BBQ Stall all day as well as provides hospitality to our large group of guests. 

On Friday the Double J Band comprising students from St Joseph’s Corinda and St James will perform in Goold Hall, Villanova College at 8.45am, while our choir will take the stage in the St James Hall at 12.09pm. We wish Mr Van Praag, Mrs Gleeson and our wonderful musicians all the very best for their performances.

​I am delighted to hear that we have a large number of volunteers for the QCMF BBQ stall which will be operational throughout the festival. If you have not already volunteered yet and feel that you could lend a hand at some point your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to Gay Harvest and Bernadette Nixon for co-ordinating the BBQ stall which raises significant funds for our school, benefiting our children enormously.