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 Remarkable Moments Day

Our “Remarkable Moments Day” was simply that; Remarkable. Our Year 4 class led a beautiful assembly which focused on what it means to be remarkable and the point that every member of our school community is remarkable in their own way. Each class teacher shared a remarkable learning moment regarding one student in their class. Of course, they could very easily speak in detail about every learner in the school. From a range of Remarkable Learning moments Rosie Kilshaw’s achievements were highlighted within “The Book of Remarkable Moments” book which captures one moment from every B.C.E school in our arch-diocese. This book was presented to the school along with a candle by Mr Mick Kelleher, our B.C.E Area Supervisor. Mick joined us at assembly, taking the time to congratulate our students, parents, teachers and school officers for working together to progress as learners throughout 2017. This occasion also enabled us to pay tribute to our outstanding staff. Our Year 6 leaders presented a lovely gift that was kindly initiated and prepared by Meredith O’Connor and Mat Harvest on behalf of the P & F Association. Our staff really appreciate the strong support of our parents and friends and this very kind gesture.

Following assembly Mr Kelleher and our leadership team visited every classroom to listen to students share their remarkable learning moments in 2017. Our teachers and school officers went to a lot of trouble to prepare our boys and girls for this experience. As you’ll notice in today’s newsletter, every student in the school contributed to an amazing mural that captures every Remarkable Learning Moment in 2017. Mrs Renae Stone in collaboration with Mrs Jeanita Muggeridge and of course our gifted children created this brilliant piece of artwork which is displayed in the front reception area. Congratulations to everyone involved in our inaugural, Remarkable Moments Day.