St James Day Fete

Thank You to our very generous St James Day Fete sponsors.  All funds raised go towards important school resources and projects.  Remember to support our sponsors by buying their products and using their services!   

Well that’s a wrap for another year!
It was fantastic to see so many families enjoying the Fete. It was a beautiful and very warm winter’s day and we hope you all had a great day. The feedback has been fantastic and the kids really enjoyed all the rides and stalls. Both the ride operator and animal farm owners commented on how wonderfully polite, patient and well-behaved the kids were. Lovely feedback to receive. 

Thanks to the army of volunteers who worked very, very hard all day. The stalls, hot food and  bar were quite literally run off their feet! Thanks to the wonderful stall convenors for their work in organising their stalls plus their time on and before the day. They have all broken new records! Plus, the terrific bunch of volunteers who donated craft items, baked goods, plants, books, beer, salad items, chocolate (over 90kgs!!!!!), hairspray, raffle items etc etc……THANKS!

All of the above helped us raise more than $21,000 for our school. These funds will go directly towards a number of P & F major projects. Thanks again to everyone who came and made it a wonderful day.