St Mary MacKillop Feast Day

On Thursday 8th August students had the opportunity to expand their knowledge about St Mary MacKillop, whose Feast Day is celebrated on the 8th August. At our gathering, we focused on one of Mary’s greatest qualities – Respect. Over the course of her life, Mary showed respect to everyone she met, including her parents, other women who joined her in her mission in various parts of the neighbouring countryside, children she educated in schools and to Fr Julian Tenison Woods. In the early days, Fr Julian worked closely with Mary to establish schools, however their relationship became strained as their ideas of what the Church should physically own differed. Despite this, Mary continued to engage with Fr Julian with this respect. 

Our student leaders led the younger students around a short trail where they could focus on  many of Mary’s quotes and facts. Your child may have come home with a worksheet. There are some QR codes on this sheet which link to more information about Mary’s life. In a few weeks, we will turn our attention to Duhig, the third of our house patrons.