Year 3 and 4 Moreton Bay Excursion

During Term 4, ​ I had the pleasure of joining the Year 3 and 4 classes on their excursion to Wynnum Foreshore supporting their Science work this term. The Year 4 class commenced the day on the bay, learning about marine life and microscopic organisms, and how the food web in the ocean is so complex and expansive. During the boat trip, the class used microscopes to observe microscopic organisms, identify crabs from the crab pots and learn how marine research is carried out to help keep our environment healthy.

The Year 3 class travelled to the Port of Brisbane where they spent time at the bird roost, spotting migratory birds in the area. It was an extremely educational day led by informative and engaged teachers from the Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre. Thanks to Mrs Muggeridge and Mrs Walker who planned this wonderful day out.