Inclusive Education

At St James we welcome all learners. We are an inclusive community for all students regardless of their ability, background, knowledge or skill set.

We aim to support the needs of all students and maximise their learning opportunities to help them reach their full potential.

The St James Student Support Team meet on a regular basis and consists of the Class Teacher, Support Teacher-Inclusive Education (STIE), Guidance Counsellor (GC) and School Principal. This team works collaboratively to coordinate efforts in providing a consistent and comprehensive approach to support the lear‚Äčning needs of students.

Students with diverse learning needs are supported in numerous ways. These may include:

  • Additional Support Personnel to provide assistance to students
    • individually
    • within small groups
    • within the whole class group
  • Modifications and adjustments to learning experiences
    • reduced work load

    • increased time for task completion

    • sensory breaks

    • the provision of scaffolded notes

    • the use of hands-on materials

    • extension work or challenges.

  • Differentiation of

    • content (what is taught)

    • process (how it is taught)

    • or product (outcome of student learning).