Child Protection Week

Next week is Queensland Child Protection Week. One of our favourite things about the start of each school day, is getting to see the smiles on our students’ faces as they walk in the gates. This is because Child Safety is our priority and our staff are committed to being there to protect and care for all our 175 students.

The theme for this National Child Protection Week is “Every child, in every community needs a fair go”, focusing on “Where we start matters” and this is something that we strive to uphold at St James. St James has a dedicated Guidance Counsellor, Student Support Team and Ch​ild Protection Contacts to help ensure that your child has a wonderful learning journey.

St James School, as a part of Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) is commitment to safeguarding. Safeguarding means promoting the wellbeing of children and young people and creating safe environments that protect children and young people from abuse, harm and exploitation.

Brisbane Catholic Education is committed to safeguarding students that come into BCE's care by having student's interests and wellbeing at the centre of all we do. Safeguarding means ensuring our personnel, operations and activities promote the wellbeing of our students and do no harm to students.

Safeguarding is about prevention and response. It requires systems and practices that prevent harm to be in place, alongside procedures to respond effectively to any concerns about safeguarding concerns or incidents of harm that arise.

All staff at St James School take part in professional development each term to reinforce how to keep students safe and review procedures around student protection. We also have staff members who are trained Student Protection Contacts to support students and staff with any student protection concerns.