Community is a term that is often used and when you think about the word community or even if you google a definition, you find common themes. A group of people living in the same place, people who have something in common and they share certain attitudes and interests. This is a true definition of community, but it doesn’t come close to describing a school community.

A school community certainly is a place that is made up of people of similar values, attitudes and interests but it is a community based on one core component – a combined love for the children. Parents, families and school staff, all love the students and are committed to working together to help them grow and develop into the best version of themselves -working together for the happiness of the children who are the centre of our community.

At St James we are blessed to have many people who are committed to our school community. When people join this school or visit, they often comment on the feel and warm welcome of our school. School events and celebrations, create chances for us all to come together and celebrate and strengthen our shared commitment and connection.

Parents play a significant role in our school community. I would like to acknowledge and thank the members of the P & F. Their tireless work in organising school events and celebrations, and organising fundraising opportunities make a significant difference to our school and the opportunities for our students. The efforts in preparing for QCMF this weekend is just one example of the efforts of the P & F. Thank you to the amazing members of the St James P & F, we all appreciate your efforts and hard work.

Community by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images​​