Developing a Love of Reading and Writing

​​​​Writing and reading are a vital part of learning and the basis of education, therefore we need to help children develop a love of both from an early age. Whenever I am asked what someone can do to prepare their child for schooling, the answer is to develop a love a of reading. Read to them as much as you can, let them see you reading, if there is only one part of the homework you get to that week; make sure it is getting them to read to you. Having your child read to you, doesn't stop when they finish the home readers in lower primary. Even when they are in upper primary, have them read aloud to you every now and again. If they have a love of reading, they are more likely to develop a love of writing. You can help them develop this at home the same way that you read with them. Let them see you write and encourage them to write - this could be anything from shopping lists to a story! Don't feel the need to correct their spelling and grammar all the time, just let them enjoy the process.

'You can make anything by writing' C.J. Lewis