​​It is nearing the end of Term 3 and the children have worked so hard this term and have made so many gains in their learning, not to mention all the busyness of additional school activities including: excursions, Catholic Colleges Musical Festival, St James Feast Day and activities, St Mary MacKillop Feast day, Catholic Education Week celebrations, assemblies, school and parish Masses, ‘Say No way to Bullying’, Friendology, STEM Week, ICAS, soccer clinic, and there is still more to come with Book Week, the Book Fair, Athletics’ Carnival, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day and Parent/Teacher interviews. 

At break times, there are five areas in which the children can play (junior playground, senior playground, the concrete area, oval and Library; and also activities that have been organised by the Year 6 Leaders including touch football, a chill out room, Just Dance; and a gardening club with Mrs Prove our school chaplain. It really has been a year of ‘Journeying Together’ as a community.

It is important that we remain grateful for all these wonderful opportunities that our children have on offer, both in school and extra-curricular. St James may be small but offers as many if not more opportunities than most schools I know, and this is because there are many people behind the scenes going the ‘extra mile’ to make all of this happen; and we are grateful to them for their time and energy. Thank-you to the teachers, parents, and Year 6 Leaders for all your contributions. Gratefulness is an important skill and quality as it helps us to put life into perspective when faced with adversity and challenges.

Our journeys hold many memories, and it is the small moments that make us who we are. These times, though busy, speak of the sacredness of the ordinary, of the many ways that grace comes into our world. It helps us to ‘Look back a little and see what our good God has done for us’ (Mary MacKillop 1880).

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