P&F News

QCMF 2022 efforts have raised just over $4,000 in 3 days for the St James P&F to donate to the school. That includes at least 495 sausages, 129 Bacon & Egg Burgers and 108 Hamburgers. Thanks go to our Sponsors:

To find out more about these sponsors and what they do, please visit the P & F Facebook and Instagram pages. https://www.facebook.com/StJamesPandF/        https:// www.instagram.com/stjamescoorparoopandf/

A huge effort from the P & F team! Lots of work and planning went on to make the BBQ a success.

We also want to thank the parents and teachers that took a shift or two over the weekend! Without you all, it wouldn't have happened. The Villanova team was absolutely wonderful, and we want to thank them for their patience as we learnt what and what not to do and for lending the available resources.

The funds raised at the QCMF BBQ will be donated to the school and used to purchase a Play Pod for the children. Play Pods are in many Queensland Schools, and they are proven to be a popular lunchtime activity for all ages and promote creativity, problem-solving and collaboration. The children use the material in the Play Pod to engage in creative play together, building rocket ships, stages, cars, cubbies, and anything else the imagination desires through self-directed and instructed play.​