St James Way

​​Throughout the year ahead you will hear a lot about what it means to follow the St James Way. Under the direction of the School Board we gathered data from staff, parent and student groups about who we are, our ways of working, what we value and how these
elements contribute to our unique culture. At the Parent Information Night I described some key-ways in which we can live out the St James Way regarding the way in which we communicate respectfully and work in partnership with the school. Below I have included some of the key points :-
  • Working in Partnership with school staff to benefit our children;
  • Trusting the professionalism of our great staff;
  •  Respecting the feedback provided regarding academic progress or behavioural/ pastoral concerns;
  • ​Our staff care deeply about the holistic development of each of our students and feedback will be provided because we care about the welfare of all children within the school community.

Regarding communication:-
  • Niggly issues to be communicated to classroom teacher in the first instance;
  • ​Encouraging students to communicate directly with school staff if feeling un-safe at school so that issues can be resolved in a timely manner (at school);
  • ​Our teachers will respond to emails however please do not expect an immediate response due to the nature of a teacher's day;
  • ​Teachers are always happy to meet with you to discuss academic progress and the general well-being of your child;
  • ​If you have general concerns or are seeking advice you are always welcome to speak to a member of the school leadership team.