Welcome to Prep Students of 2023

​​This week we welcomed our new Preps for 2023. Our Preppies and their parents joined us for Orientation morning. This is certainly a highlight in any school calendar. We see some children boldly stepping forward and conquering any challenge, and some that are slightly more timid and need smiles and words of encouragement. New friendships begin to form between children and parents. Most importantly there is a feel of excitement, hope and anticipation in the air. Nothing is brighter than the smile on a Pre-Prep’s face!

This is also a milestone moment for any parent. Whether it is your youngest, eldest or only child – your baby is beginning an exciting stage in their lives. Each family begins the school and learning journey for their child, with certain hopes and dreams in mind. When we see Preps starting school, we are all reminded of this - either our own first day of school or perhaps our dreams for our child. For many of our new families, this is also the beginning of their relationship with St James, becoming a part of the St James family!

At St James, we believe in developing the whole child – their faith, emotional, social, physical and mental wellbeing and it is a privilege to work with our families to support our students’ learning. To our families that joined our community this week – welcome!