Student Reporting

St James Primary School is passionately committed to building and fostering working partnerships with our families. We believe in regular, open and ongoing communication with our parents and families.

‚ÄčTo help inform our families about their child's learning progress, formal written reports are distributed twice per year, at the end of Semester One and Semester Two.

Parents are invited to meet with teachers formally for an interview at the end of Term One and Term Three, where a student's progress is discussed. This communication can have a very positive affect on a student's learning and serves to strengthen the partnership between home and school. In these meetings, teachers will provide work samples for parents to view and discuss goals.

Parents and carers are strongly encouraged and welcome to make an appointment to see a teacher at other times if they feel there is a need. Likewise, teachers or the Leadership Team will contact parents if they feel that it is necessary to discuss aspects of a student's progress or learning.