Student Wellbeing

Student Support

St James offers support to all students in our school.  This is facilitated through the Support Teacher Inclusive Education (STIE), the Guidance Counsellor, Literacy & Numeracy Support Teacher and other external providers. 

​The Guidance Counsellor attends St James twice a week and is available to meet with parents, students and staff as required.  The first point of contact to arrange one of these meetings is through the class teachers or principal.

The STIE is available at school five ​days a week and works in collaboration with the classroom teacher in ways to best support student needs.

St James holds regular Student Support Team Meetings. Teachers meet with support staff and the leadership team to discuss the individual needs of students, develop goals and action plans to support the development and growth of students.

Social emotional development is highly valued at St James Primary School. Programs teaching and supporting the development of resilience and wellbeing are implemented across the whole school through Wellbeing Week and the Health Curriculum.

Student wellbeing is a focus each term and students are encouraged to learn about and nurture their personal wellbeing. The gifts and talents of each student is celebrated with our Child of the Week Award at Assembly. ​

Behaviour Support

St James Primary School strongly believes in Behaviour Learning. Behaviour skills need to be explicitly taught and supported in each student. The St James Student Behaviour Support Plan is a school wide policy that clearly articulates expectations of behaviour for students and the steps that are carried out when behaviour expectations are not met or maintained.

The staff of St James are committed to communicating with parents when a student requires support for their behaviours or if they have been involved in mediation, issues or bullying with other students.  Parents are strongly encouraged to make contact with the school if they have any concerns about student behaviour so that these can be addressed quickly. ​