Religious Life of the School

​​Our C​atholic values empower our community to shape and enrich our changing world by living the teachings of Jesus Christ. Through engagement in Religious Education lessons and the Religious life of the School, our students have the opportunity to be nurtured, affirmed and supported in their personal faith journey.

The Religious Life of the School provides an opportunity for parents and family members to celebrate with our school. Celebrations include:​

  • Child led liturgies which celebrate Lent, Holy Week and special days such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, Saint's Feast Days and Christmas 

  • School hosted parish masses 

  • Sacramental program which draws together the parish, school and parent body 

  • Whole school and classroom prayer 

  • Social justice initiatives supporting the care of others within the school community and outreach programs for those in need in the wider community.

  • School assembly is held once a week in the hall. The Year 6 children lead this assembly as part of their leadership role. The purpose of the assembly is to gather as a community, share the highlights of our week and celebrate our students and school community with our families. ​