Our Values and Goals

​​​​This year, St James has three Annual School Goals. These will be focusing on 
  • Catholic Identity, 
  • Learning and Teaching and 
  • Wellbeing. 

Within Catholic Identity our school will be working to review and revitalise the Catholic Identity of St James. In Learning and Teaching, our school will be working towards refining and embedding a whole school consistent approach to the teaching of reading, that is data responsive and aligned to the Australian Curriculum English (V9) and lastly our Wellbeing goal is focused on establishing whole school wellbeing initiatives that support the growth and development of all members of the community and establish and embed Positive Behaviours 4 Learning (PB4L) across the school. More information about these goals, including progress will be shared throughout the year.

One exciting development in within our Wellbeing Goal, is a review and relaunch of our whole school expectations. St James is committed to having clear and concise language about behaviour expectations across all year levels. Prep to Year Six students are developing a shared language of what is expected of all members of our school community.

We have used the image of Super Jimmy, to teach the students about our St James School Values – Be a Learner, Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful. As our students learn this common language and it becomes embedded within our school, we will be linking these positive behaviours to student awards. You may even see a few superheroes in capes around the school, looking for positive behaviours! Take a look at our new St James School Values.

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