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What will your child learn in Prep?

They will… Valentina.jpg

  • Develop their oral language and early literacy skills 
  • Develop their early mathematical understandings 
  • Learn how to be thinkers and problem solvers 
  • Use their imagination and creativity
  • Learn about their world  

Your child will learn through… prep.jpg

  • Play 
  • Real-life situations 
  • Investigations 
  • Routines and transitions 
  • Focused learning and teaching 

You will see your child... 

  • Investigating and participating, in small groups and as a whole class, both inside and outside
  • Participating in dramatic play in order to build an understanding about themselves and the world around them
  • Using tools and technology to support their investigations and play 
  • Participating in music and language experiences
  • Designing, creating, making and constructing 
  • Taking part in everyday experiences like cooking and tidying
  • Drawing and painting to encourage oral language, reading and writing skills 

Prep is designed to provide the foundation that children need to succeed at school by developing… 

  • A positive approach to learning pirate prep.jpg
  • Independence and confidence
  • Thinking and problem solving skills
  • Language skills 
  • Early literacy and numeracy skills 
  • Health and physical development including gross and fine motor skills