Religious Education


At St James Primary School, Coorparoo, teaching people religion (the classroom teaching and learning of religion) and teaching people to be religious (the Religious Life and Catholic ethos of the community),  we draw upon the Catholic Christian tradition in ways that are mindful of local contexts and the ecumenical and multi-faith realities of contemporary culture.

We seek to understand and utilise the distinctiveness and complementarity of these two dimensions of Religious Education in the holistic education and the formation of students. School programs, activities and experiences for the classroom learning and teaching of religion and the religious life of the school are responsive to religious diversity, while being faithful to the Catholic Christian identity of the school and the Good Samaritans charism.rose.jpg

The fullness of the Vision for Religious Education is realised through the intersection of both dimensions. Participation in service learning activities without a deep understanding of the related Catholic social teachings does not effectively enable the fulfilment of the Vision for Religious Education. Classroom learning and teaching about Catholic social teachings without active participation in, and critical reflection on, social justice initiatives and service learning activities is similarly limited in its effectiveness. Engagement in both dimensions is needed.

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