Student Leadership


Students in Year 5/6 take on a number of leadership responsibilities within the St James school community. This provides the students with the opportunity to demonstrate responsibility, organisational skills, patience and perseverance.

There are 5 Leadership Ministries, Pastoral, Spirit, Cultural, Academic and Stewardship. The Year 6 students are leaders within each of these leadership groups and the Year 5 students assist them with their roles. The Pastoral group focuses on the well-being of the students, and is involved heavily with Sports Carnivals. The Spirit group assist with Liturgies and Masses and concentrates on fundraising initiatives. The Cultural group focuses on Music, Art and Drama. Their role is to expose the students at St James with opportunities to develop and display their cultural talents. The Academic group provide opportunities for students to participate in extra activities to develop their problem solving skills and to develop a love of learning. The Stewardship group concentrates on caring for the environment and encouraging all students to take an active role in helping to create a clean, healthy environment in which we learn.


At St James, we have a ‘buddy’ Programme between our Prep students and our Year 5/6 students. This programme creates a caring bond between each Prep student and their Year 5/6 buddy. It provides a sense of security for our Prep students, and develops a sense of responsibility for our Year 5/6 students.

Our Year 6 leaders host our weekly school assembly. This is an opportunity for the school leaders to gain experience speaking in front of a larger audience, and to demonstrate their organisational skills in the preparation of each assembly.​